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Articles and Books

In our reality, knowledge and information are an inherent part of the way we function. To understand this reality and our journey as co-creators, we gather the information we can use on this journey. We mentioned on other pages that we share this information mainly through online courses. But, even though people seem to read less, articles and books are still important ways to share information, mainly because they can contain more details and support online courses.



Over time, we shared much information through articles that were published online or in Magazines. Currently, Jaap is writing a series of articles under the heading “The Crystalline Universe” in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. For more information on that magazine, click here.

We like to share two articles we published earlier that we feel te be still relevant.

We create through collaboration

Mother Earth invited us to come to Earth to support her evolutionary process as co-creators. We have forgotten what that means, but slowly we begin to remember. This article helps with the process of remembering. To read, click We are Co-creators

This article was published in  Sedona Journal of Emergence, Vol 28, No 1, 2018, 38-40. Flagstaff, AZ: Light Technology Publishing. Whales are the guardians of the morphogenetic system. They invite us to connect with these energies to fulfill our role on Earth. To read this article, click Whales and the Morphogenetic Field.

Breaching Humpback Whale
Astral Beings

ASTRAL BEINGS, Friend or Foe?
In this article we look at the impact astral energies and beings have on us. A lot of this impact happens during sleep, and often we are not aware of it, calling it nightmares. Having inside can help us to learn to deal with and diminishing the fears the encounters with astral beings induce. To read the article, click Astral Beings.


In the different phases of our work, Jaap published five books. They are available in hard copy or eBook. The eBooks are available through Amazon, Apple iTunes, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. What follows is a short description of each of the books.

DRAGONS: Guardians of Creative Powers. Becoming a Conscious Creator

Cover Dragons, Guardians of Creative Powers.

Do you feel that you often do not get what you desire?

The key to changing what no longer satisfies is to change what no longer works for you.


Every thought is an intention that sets a process of energy into motion. That is when the creative process starts. Understanding that we create continuously on small and large levels is the first step in realizing that when it no longer works for us, it is the consequence of a disruption in the creative process and the way we think.

This book describes the different types of creative processes. The elemental powers (Fire, Water, Air, and Earth) are the basis of all creation. Understanding the various aspects of these creative powers will help you to become a conscious creator.

Guardians are connected with every aspect of the elemental powers. They are known as dragons; however, different traditions use different names for them, such as angels or nature spirits. These Dragons are not the scary type often depicted in stories. They are among the most potent allies we can ask for. They belong to the subtle realms and, therefore, are invisible to most people.

This book offers information to help you reconnect with these creative powers and their guardian dragons. Through this connection, you will become a conscious creator and change your life in ways that lead to success, joy, happiness, and abundance. Thereby, you will contribute optimally to the creation of a New World.

Are you ready for this exhilarating journey?

Price: $19.95. Special price of $16.95


To order, go to the shop.

Birth of a New Consciousness: Dialogues with the Sidhe

We usually base our perception of reality on what our five senses receive, particularly sight. The majority of people believe that our visual interpretation of the world is accurate. However, the world we live in actually consists of many different worlds, most of which are invisible to us. All these worlds are part of Gaia and make up the reality we live in.

This book contains dialogues with the Sidhe, a race of human-like beings who are our direct relatives. They are invisible to our five senses and occupy one of the subtle worlds that are an integrated part of Gaia.


In the dialogues presented in this book, the Sidhe and the author share how they view their world. Exploring the similarities and differences between our worlds can help us to see our human world from a different perspective. The Sidhe also share aspects of the subtle worlds that we are part of but are hardly aware of. The dialogues help both us and the Sidhe to see our respective gifts and self-induced limitations. The dialogues strongly invite us to look at ourselves and indicate the need for a more inclusive, more expanded new consciousness. By collaborating with the Sidhe and other beings from the subtle realms, such as Nature Spirits and Unicorns, this new consciousness can be created, and a new world can be born. To achieve this, we need to raise our vibrations and expand our views of reality.

Cover Birth of a New Consciousness, Dialogues with the Sidhe

This book invites you to embark on a journey. This journey is actually the journey of every Soul that comes to this Earth. The book stimulates you to raise your vibration and expand your view of reality by giving many suggestions. It indeed can be called the start of a new consciousness.


Price: $16.95. Special price of $13.95


To order, go to the shop.

Crystal Skulls: Expand Your Consciousness

Cover Crystal Skulls, Expand Your Consciousness

Crystal skulls invoke a sense of mystery. What was their role in ancient times? Can they assist us on our spiritual journey? How? Although much has been written about them, many questions still linger. This book addresses many of these lingering questions on practical, subtle energy, and spiritual levels.


The book on crystal skulls you have been waiting for is here. This long-awaited sequel to Crystal Skulls: Interacting with a Phenomenon weaves practical information on crystal skulls with meditations to provide a deeper understanding of the role of crystal skulls in expanding the consciousness of individuals and humanity as a whole.


Filled with helpful guidance for beginners and those who have worked with crystal skulls for a long time, Crystal Skulls: Expand Your Consciousness addresses essential issues: what material crystal skulls should be made of and what to do with them. The most important part of the book addresses awakening the potential of a crystal skull. Learn about the energies of these awakened crystal skulls and their effect on the spiritual development of individuals and the collective consciousness of humanity

This book invites you on a journey of awakening the potential of your crystal skulls - and consequently awakening yourself. Several meditations are given to support this journey, along with descriptions of the known ancient and old crystal skulls, making this book a "must-have" for anyone interested in crystal skulls and the journey of spiritual development.


A CD with 54 minutes of guided meditations is included in the book. On the CD, you find:

1. Introduction (4.31)

2. Brainwave Meditation (12.58)

3. Oneness Meditation (4.59)

4. Chakra Meditation (7.41)

5. Activation Meditation (3.50)

6. Setting an Intent (8.23)

7. Co-creating an Energy Field (5.38)

8. Connecting with Star Nations (5.32)


Price $25.00 (including CD) Now special price of $18.50


To order, go to the shop.

GIFTS OF MOTHER EARTH: Earth Energies, vortexes, lines, and grids

Join the author on a powerful journey of discovery, remembering, and reconnecting.


We live in a sea of energy. These energies are all part of Earth. Our ancestors knew these gifts of Mother Earth and used them to support their lives and spirituality in many ways. Contemporary man has forgotten chiefly that these energies exist, let alone that these energies hold such beautiful gifts.


The author has spent twenty years extensively studying many different Earth energies. That enabled him to describe the qualities of these energies and how they flow upon the Earth.



  • Energies that help us to balance and align our meridians and chakras

  • Energies that support and help expand our consciousness and awareness

  • Crystalline energies that form the support of life on Earth

  • Morphogenetic fields that determine our potential

  • The heritage of the ancestors

  • Our human history, seen from a conscious point of view


His studies also show the tendency of humanity to move into higher levels of consciousness, confirming what many feel is happening: a shift.


Price: $16.95. Now special price of $13.95


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Cover Gifts of Mother Earth

CRYSTAL SKULLS: Interacting with a Phenomenon

Cover Crystal Skulls, Interacting with a Phenomenon

This book summarizes the results of many years of exploration of crystal skulls. The information presented is based on facts, legends, and personal experiences. Learn how to understand your interactions with crystal skulls. Learn about the different characteristics of crystal skulls and their unique energies, and how we can use these characteristics for personal growth.


Experience how your energetic connection with crystal skulls affects your awareness and expands your consciousness. Crystal skulls invite you on a journey into a deeper understanding of who you are.

Subjects include:

  • Characteristics of crystal skulls

  • Why a skull shape?

  • How to categorize crystal skulls

  • Original, Singing, Fully activated, and contemporary crystal skulls

  • Different energies connected with crystal skulls

  • The effect of crystal skulls on human beings

  • The effect of crystal skulls on Earth's energies

  • The legend of the 13 crystal skulls

  • And Much More!

Price: $19.95 Now special price of $15.95


To Buy, go to the Shop.


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