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In times of change and challenges, such as a pandemic, climate change, pollution, and increasing disasters, the primary tendency is to look at humans and their survival. In this process, we forget that we are an integrated part of the Earth. We are learning to look more at the Earth as one system, but that is still a bridge too far for most people.

Even more difficult is to realize that Earth is not an isolated sphere in the galaxy or universe. It is an integrated part of the Solar System, an integrated part of the Milky Way Galaxy, an integrated part of a Supercluster of galaxies, and we can go on. All these systems are interconnected through portals, sharing consciousness and information that determines the diversity of species as we experience them.

Our Sun, the life and information giver

Looking at our Sun, the planets with which we share energy and information in the Solar System, and beyond, we learn to see our role on this planet and the place of this planet in the larger whole. Seeing things differently is the only way to find new solutions that are more than little changes and shifts. That is what we need: a new way of looking at our planet and its place in the whole Universe. The importance of expanding our worldview is expressed in the following message from the Sun.

What does the course offer?

This course helps you connect with energies from our Sun, planets of the Solar System, and other Suns, stars, and even galaxies. All these systems bring information and energy to our planet and, thus, to us. These energies help to shift our consciousness so we can see our world in a different light. It does not immediately give new solutions but opens us up to finding new solutions.

In the course, we will come across an interesting phenomenon. All systems we look at, such as planets, stars, and galaxies of the local group, form an energy system that resonates with chakras. That means they all resonate with each other, with the Earth’s chakra system and our chakras. We resonate with the universe in ways we cannot yet comprehend. It is part of the exploration.

The Chakra Resonance Systems of plaanets, stars, constellations, and galaxies

You will learn

  • that the sun, besides providing the energy for life, also provides energies supporting the expansion of consciousness

  • that the sun provides morphogenetic information that contributes to the diversity of species

  • that people in the different phases of consciousness expression (worlds) have worked with the energies of the Sun that came in through portals

  • that the sun gets its consciousness and morphogenetic information (needed for diversity) from the central sun of our galaxy, which receives it from the central sun of the universe

  • that the Solar system has 12 planets that resonate with the chakra system

  • that our Sun is part of a system of 12 stars that also resonate with the 12 chakras

  • that the central sun of our galaxy also is part of a system of 12 similar central suns resonating again with the 12 chakras

  • that working with these energies expands our consciousness and supports our role as co-creators

  • that bringing in the energies of the different Suns stimulates the evolution of Mother Earth

  • that working with these energies changes how we see the Earth and her place in the different systems, which gives us options for new visions and ways to change the way we live on this beautiful planet.


For whom is this course?

The course is for everyone interested in understanding our planet, its evolution, and our role in that process. It also is for anyone interested in the energies of our Sun, planets, other Suns, and portals. However, it is not an “I will go quickly through it” kind of course. The many guided meditations guide you into a deeper connection with the energies of all these planets and the Suns. It is a process that will require interest and willingness to go deeper and expand consciousness. If this resonates, this course offers more than you can imagine, changing you, as you will notice when you complete the course. And you may want to return to parts of it to go even deeper into your connections, as people have done throughout times.


Costs and signing up

When you sign up, you will have access to the whole course that you can follow at your speed. Many like to repeat specific meditations, taking longer, while others do each step once. Follow your heart.

You will always have the option to access the course, even after years.

The fee for the course is $94.50. You can sign up using this link:

 Members of the Crystalline Movement will get a special discount. To get that discount, go to the Members Only page.


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