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We have chosen the word University for our teaching and sharing platform because of the original meaning of the word. Just like the word universe (“the whole world”), university comes from the Latin word “universus”, meaning "whole, entire." Metaphysical Ecology wants to go beyond the physical and share about the whole Earth system.


Structure and Subjects

There are three central Departments based on three systems: Developing Human Potential, Developing Earth’s Potential, and Expanding Potential through Cosmic Influences (Extra-terrestrial System). Each of them has programs with several courses but can also have individual courses. Here, we give a short description of each department and the programs and online courses that are already available.

Department 1: Developing Human Potential

We are co-creators that are supposed to help Mother Earth evolve. To do so, we need to understand ourselves, both on a physical and subtle level, sufficiently to fulfill our role and purpose. Much information is available in books and on the Internet, but an integrated picture is insufficiently present. We will develop courses and other materials to support the process of developing our full potential. Currently, two courses and a program in development that currently has two courses, are available.

 Logo for the online course Live Without Fear

Live Without Fear. Fear is the biggest challenge and prevents us from connecting with our potential. For more information, click here.

EXPANDING HUMAN COLLABORATION WITH THE SIDHE; Co-creating the Sidhe Training Center and Network. This course supports training to collaborate with humans from other worlds (Earth’s energy bodies) that are relatives and are called the Sidhe. For more information, click here.

Expanding Human Collaboration with the Side
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Human Consciousness is a program in development. Consciousness is the driving force behind creation. In our world, we use consciousness to a large extent at a subconscious level. However, becoming a conscious cocreator is essential for the Earth and the development of a new world. Currently, two courses are available to support the process of becoming more aware and expanding your consciousness.

For more information, click here.

Department 2: Developing the Potential of the Earth

As co-creators, we need to understand the Earth system enough to fulfill our purpose, collectively and individually. At this moment, we have developed one program and a course.

The Crystalline Movement

The Crystalline Movement, which offers a program with six courses. All manifestations are crystalline. The whole Universe is based on crystalline energies. Therefore, understanding and working with crystalline energies is essential to understanding the dynamics of Earth, the Solar System, and the whole Universe. For more information, click here.

Unicorns: The Path to Purity. Many subtle beings on Earth support us in our role of co-creator. Unicorns help to maintain our spiritual purity while fulfilling this role. For more information, click here.


Department 3: Expanding Potential through Cosmic Influences

The Earth is not a static, isolated planet floating in space. It is part of the Solar System, Galaxies, and the Universe, connected energetically with these other celestial bodies through portals. These portals bring in new energies that change the potential of what the Earth and all that lives on her can evolve into. These energies also show that nothing is stagnant but constantly unfolding and evolving. We focus on the following subjects.

Our Sun

Our Sun and Other Suns: Keys to Our Evolution. A course to better understand our Solar System, the role of our Earth in it, and the Earth’s relationship to other star systems, galaxies, and the Universe. For more information, click here.

EXPANDING INTO A NEW WORLD AND OUR FULL POTENTIAL: Connect with Your Family in the Stars, a program with four courses. Many new energies are entering the Earth's system in waves from many star systems. These waves lay the foundation for a new Earth. This program helps those who feel guided to connect with these cosmic energies to support Mother Earth’s evolution. For more information, click here.

Connect with your Family in the Stars


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