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We are not the only “Humans” on Earth. There are humans living in the subtle world of Mother Earth in what we call the other three worlds beyond ours. Those living there are the otherworldly, the Sidhe. The Sidhe were isolated from each other and even more from us. They realized that their isolation from each other defied their co-creator role. They started a collaboration and invited us, humans living in Mother Earth's physical world, to participate in this collaboration.


We are needed

The Sidhe live in a higher consciousness than ours. So why do the Sidhe need us? For Mother Earth to evolve, her whole system is needed: her subtle worlds in which the Sidhe live and the physical world in which we live. We are the only ones who can connect with all four worlds. The Sidhe cannot do that because they would lose their high consciousness. Therefore, we are needed, but only those who can connect with the Sidhe from their heart. The key to creating an integrated human consciousness is the three C’s: connect, communicate, and collaborate.

Location of the Sidhe Training Center

The Sidhe Training Center

The Training Center and Network

The Sidhe communities use centers that support them in staying in their high consciousness. When the Sidhe realized that they and humans of the fourth world needed to work together, they started to create options to stimulate that. In the Sedona area, the first step was the creation of the Sidhe Healing Center. You can experience the healing journey in the following video.

A Sidhe Center in Saguaro National Monument

Do you feel a call?

For humans of the physical world, connecting, communicating, and collaborating with the Sidhe requires choice and dedication and will only work if we feel guided. For those who feel the call, we developed a course with the Sidhe that guides you in connecting with the different energy systems connected with the Training Center. It also gives options to contribute to building the network, creating one integrated human consciousness that can support the evolution of Mother Earth optimally.

The course consists of six lessons and 50 activities. This is not a course to finish as quickly as possible. It helps to train to develop your potential. For the right speed of development, follow your heart.

The key elements of the course are:

  • Connecting with our total human family on Earth

  • Expanding our consciousness

  • Developing skills to connect, communicate, and collaborate with being in subtle worlds

  • Connecting with the role and purpose of humanity at large as co-creators

  • Helping to develop a new vision for a new Earth

  • Helping Mother Earth to evolve

  • Experience the joy and happiness of contributing to laying the foundation of a new Earth

While the course is complete, the development of the network is not. That means that new elements, which are included in the one-time fee, will be added over time.


Fees and Signup

The fee for the course is $69.00. Members of the Crystalline Movement (TCM) pay $54.00. To sign up, use this link:  For TCM members; the link is on the TCM members page on our website.


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