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The Founders

The Founders of the Center for Metaphysical Ecology are Jaap van Etten and Jeanne Michaels. For their bio, click here.

Picture Jaap van Etten

Jaap van Etten

Picture Jeanne Michaels

Jeanne Michaels


Before creating the Center for Metaphysical Ecology, we went through several organizations and ideas. Each of these steps was needed to bring the clarity we currently have. While the story may have limited value, it may explain why you see our names connected to different organizations.

Jeanne and Jaap came out for the first time in 1999 under The Center for Personal and Planetary Transformation. At that time, our focus was on healing, research on Earth Energies, and crystal skulls.

Due to changes in our way of working and expanding our services, we changed the name in 2004 to Lemurantis and added Metaphysical Ecology that merged later into Lemurantis and Metaphysical Ecology.

In 2017, together with Gary Palisch, we founded the Universal Center for Metaphysical Ecology, a non-profit 501 (c) (3). The purpose was to create a platform to make people aware of metaphysical ecology and support the development of programs through funding and marketing.

In 2020, UCME founded the Crystalline Movement. Many people saw this project as separate because it had a different website.

In 2021, we realized that the complexity of organizations and websites created confusion, which diminished the power of the message of metaphysical ecology. It also became too time-consuming. We also learned that the non-profit was not the optimal structure to continue to support metaphysical ecology. These realizations led to the creation of one organization, the Center for Metaphysical Ecology, with a clear message through one website.

With the expansion of online courses and videos on YouTube, the idea of creating a platform for teaching metaphysical ecology became increasingly solid. At this moment, we have developed 14 courses and we continue to develop new ones; just keep an eye on our website or subsribe to our newsletter.  That platform is the University for Metaphysical Ecology. Although in an early stage, the University will expand considerably in the coming years, being an integrated part of the Center for Metaphysical Ecology.


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