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Are you on a path of expanded consciousness, searching for ways to fulfill your incarnational purpose? If so, a meaningful action you can take is to bring your energy bodies to an optimal state. The most wonderful being to support you with that are the Unicorns.

How people imagine unicorns look like
A vortex of a morphogenetic grid of one of the unicorn species

Unicorns Exist

Roughly ten years ago, I did not believe in Unicorns. Without my beloved Jeanne challenging me, I might still be living with that belief and would have missed many beautiful, exciting, and wonderful experiences.

Jeanne challenged me to check whether Unicorns exist. To exist, each species, visible or invisible, needs an information system. We call that system the morphogenetic field and grids. On Earth, we can experience the grid as lines and vortexes. She suggested looking for Unicorn grids to determine whether they existed or were figments of human imagination. Finding grids forced me to accept that Unicorns exist.

The Six species

Initially, I believed that there was one Unicorn species. But in a meditation. I saw three different types of Unicorns. That started the research of the Unicorn grids, which surprisingly led to the discovery of six different grids and, thus, six different species. It took me many years to understand their role and function. I discovered that the Unicorns' primary role is purifying the energy bodies of Mother Earth and ours.

Our Six Energy Bodies

To bring our consciousness's messages and signals into our physical and the Gaia systems, they have to pass through our six energy bodies, as seen in the image. Each energy body brings its challenges, with the biggest one being our lower mind. The lower mind is linked to our etheric (emotions) and astral (belief structures) bodies. To fulfill our (soul) purpose, our energy bodies need to be as pure as possible. Therefore, we look for ways to get support for that process of purification. One of the most powerful ways is working with Unicorns. The six species support the purification of our six energy bodies.

The human energy system

The course

The course will guide you into a deep connection with all six species and help you use this connection to purify your six energy bodies. It allows you to connect deeper with your light with the help of the Unicorns, who are directly linked to light. You will also support the awakening of new energies that will lead to the creation of a seventh species.

The course consists of 11 lessons with several activities in each lesson, a total of 87 activities. These are the 11 lessons:

Lesson 1 Unicorns in the Gaia System

Lesson 2: The Unicorns

Lesson 3 The Level 1 or Rainbow Unicorn

Lesson 4 The Etheric Body or Little Unicorn

Lesson 5 The Astral Body or Middle Unicorn

Lesson 6 The Level 4 or Emotional Body Unicorn

Lesson 7 The Level 5 or Mental Body Unicorn

Lesson 8 The Level 6 or Spiritual Body Unicorn

Lesson 9 Integration and Expansion

Lesson 10 Unicorns, Light, and Quartz

Lesson 11 A New Species of Unicorns, the 7th species


What do You Learn?

The main aspects you will learn in this course can be summarized as follows:

  • You will get a deeper general understanding of Unicorns

  • You will make a connection with all six Unicorn species

  • You learn to collaborate with them to purify your whole system, going through all six energy bodies

  • You will become a more optimal co-creator

  • You will learn about the relationship between Unicorns and light and how Unicorns can help in the process of enlightenment

  • You will learn about the relationship of the Unicorns with the currently existing four worlds on Earth

  • You will be introduced to the new energies of the seventh Unicorn, which will help with the creation of the new or fifth world in a pure way and help you become more enlightened

Be aware that this course will take you on an intense journey that can bring you many gifts, depending on your commitment.

Fees and enrollment

The course price is $95.00. You can start the course at any time suitable for you. You will receive the complete course once you enroll, and you can follow the course at your speed. Always follow the guidance of your heart. The course will be available forever unless you sign off.

To enroll, go to


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