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Consciousness is the bedrock of all existence. It's boundless, yet it manifests in various fields. These fields, known as consciousness constructs, are in a constant state of expansion and creation. Each construct is a realm of possibilities where beings interact. Our human experience is also within such a construct, which operates within the broader consciousness construct of Mother Earth. And just as we exist within Mother Earth's construct, she exists within the consciousness construct of the Solar system.

 Human consciousness on Earth is not one homogenous field. It consists of many fields. There are different people in different consciousness constructs that, although here on Earth for the same reason, do not or insufficiently connect, let alone collaborate.


A transition phase

The Earth is in the midst of a profound transformative transition, propelling us into a new world. This shift is not just a change; it's a metamorphosis. All life on Earth, including humanity, is evolving. This evolution is leading to a fascinating expansion of human consciousness. As we learn to harness our current consciousness potential, new levels of awareness are emerging. This dynamic and transformative phase presents a unique opportunity for personal growth and exploration.

Vortexes of the different consciousness grids help us to connect with the different aspects of human consciousness

Most people wonder how to connect deeper with the different aspects of consciousness. We can connect with these aspects through the energies of the different consciousness grids that reflect them.

In a series of courses, we will examine the different aspects of human consciousness on Earth by making a connection with the different grids and their vortexes. By learning and experiencing these different aspects of human consciousness, we will expand our consciousness and contribute to building one integrated human consciousness field. Your participation is crucial in fulfilling our collective purpose and role as co-creators, contributing to the evolution of Mother Earth, because your unique perspective is needed in this process.


We all draw from the different aspects of human consciousness energies that help us function optimally. To do that, you need to know what is available. This program offers that.


Two courses: the first essential steps in consciousness development

Working and connecting with all aspects of human consciousness is a lengthy process. Over time, we will develop several courses. However, two aspects of human consciousness have priority because they offer the majority of the energy we need and lay the foundation for expansion. We created two online courses to allow those interested to connect with these aspects of consciousness.

The first course

The first course focuses on the consciousness of our world. There are three levels of consciousness that we call the consciousness of the healthy I (how you function in this world), the healthy we (how we collaborate with other people on the basis of equality), and the all-consciousness, in which we understand the need to collaborate with all life on Earth, seeing them all as essential contributors to Mother Earth's evolution.

It contains the following main subjects:

  • Introduction

  • Consciousness of the Fourth World (our world)

  • Level 1 consciousness (I-consciousness)

  • Level 2 Consciousness (We-consciousness

  • Level 3 Consciousness (All-consciousness)

  • On our way to Enlightenment


The second course

The second connects the participant with the consciousness of Mother Earth's other three consciousness constructs. These constructs belong to other worlds we may know as Atlantis and Lemuria. They are all aspects of the collective human consciousness and provide an extensive source we can tap into to develop our consciousness optimally.

This course contains the following main subjects:

  • Introduction

  • The Third World Consciousness (Atlantis)

  • The Second World Consciousness (Lemuria)

  • The First World Consciousness

  • The Founder’s Consciousness

  • The Collective Human Consciousness


These two courses form the foundation we need before we can develop that new consciousness, which is a higher level of consciousness. We will develop courses for that in the future.


Fees and enrollments

The fee is $99.00 when you sign up for both courses and $69.00 for each course separately.

To enroll in the two courses together, use this link


The link for enrolling in Course 1 is


The link for enrolling in Course 2 is

For members of the Crystalline Movement, there are coupons for reduced fees. To enroll using these coupons, go to the page for TCM members only on the website.

For questions, connect with Jaap:

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