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On this page, we share information about the latest developments in the Center. We do that through three subjects. The first is about the latest course we have published. We may also share information about the online course we are developing. The second part is about the two latest videos we added to our YouTube channel, and the last part is about specific activities we will participate in or contribute to.

The latest course we added

Expanding Human Consciousness with the Sidhe

The latest course we added is “EXPANDING HUMAN COLLABORATION WITH THE SIDHE; Co-creating the Sidhe Training Center and Network.” We are not the only humans on Earth. Some humans are invisible, and we call them the Sidhe. Whether visible or invisible, we are one human consciousness, and we need to learn to collaborate to support the evolution of Mother Earth optimally. This course is about collaboration with humans of all worlds.

For more information, click here.

The latest two added YouTube videos

Activities we participate in

In December 2024, Jaap will be a presenter at the Lemurian Conference. As soon as more information is available, you can find it on this page.


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