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Do you feel a connection with Mother Earth and know that you are here to support her evolution? Do you want to answer the call of Mother Earth to actively contribute to the influx of new energies that come in through new portals in this time of transition? If so, continue reading and feel whether you resonate with this program, Expanding into a New World and Our Full Potential, Connecting with Your Family in the Stars.


Most people experience our world through their five senses. Consequently, they believe that the Earth is a physical system. But the Earth does not only have physical but also subtle bodies. The Earth system is far more expanded, experienced as four worlds. We live in the fourth world and increasingly become aware of other worlds through remembering past lives and connecting with our family in these other worlds, the Sidhe. The purpose is to integrate the four now separate worlds into one system. That may take a while, but increasingly, people have experiences showing that this is a development that will lead us to this one system.


While this process unfolds, other processes take place. While the current four worlds reflect the current full potential of Mother Earth, she is moving increasingly into an expansion that will create a fifth world. Also, Mother Earth is essential for the development of the full potential of the solar system and is increasingly contributing to that. In participating in these processes, humans will expand their consciousness and evolve into enlightened beings.


A Time of Transition

In a message, Mother Earth stated that we live in a time of transition in which many new energies are coming into her system. To support her, we must open ourselves to these new energies. You can listen to this message in the following video.

The most important type of these new energies comes from different star systems and the Beings connected with them. These beings are our family, who have supported us through time in many ways. The indigenous people call them our Ancestors.

They bring in new energies through multi-portals, which are portals that bring in energies from more than one star system. Mother Earth called the appearance of these portals the first step. These portals came in four waves, and the first portal of the first wave appeared in April 2019 (image 1), containing all the portals of the first wave. The first portal of the second wave appeared almost exactly a year later, in April 2020 (image 2), the first portal of the third wave in July 2022, and the fourth wave in May 2023.

Induction Point of the first wave of new energies

First Wave Induction Point

The importance of the new energies

We need to look at morphogenetic systems to understand the importance of these new energies. The morphogenetic field of Gaia (the consciousness of Mother Earth and all that lives on her) holds information about the full potential of Mother Earth. This field contains the guidelines for evolution, resulting in the four worlds of Gaia. While we know that a new world is about to unfold, we always thought that the foundation for this would be a balanced interaction of the four worlds. We also believed that the fifth world's information would already be present in Gaia's Morphogenetic field. According to Mother Earth, this is only partly true. Much of the new world's information is present, but for the Earth to fulfill her role in the Solar System and Universe, more is needed. Her readiness for the next phase made it possible to add information. That is the information that comes through the new multi-portals. As co-creators, we determine which of these new energies in which orders get activated and integrated into the existing morphogenetic field. That is why she needs us. She invited us in a second message. You can listen to this message in the following video.

We do not tell anybody what and how to do things but trust that every step a person takes will always lead to a step forward. However, based on experience, it seems most beneficial for most people to do the four courses in the order of development. The first wave came first for a reason. It lays the foundation for becoming an enlightened co-creator, which expands through the energies of the second wave. Once connected sufficiently with the energies of the two waves, we can help Mother Earth reach her full potential (third wave) and fulfill her role in contributing to reaching the full potential of the solar system (fourth wave).

Induction Point of the second wave of new energies

Image 2 2nd Wave Induction Point

The Courses

The first three waves of new energies have 32 multi-portals. The fourth wave also had 32 multi-portals but later got a second induction point, which led to 33 multi-portals. Because of the difference in energy between the waves, Mother Earth suggested creating separate courses for each wave. Also, not everyone may be guided to activate the energies of all four waves.

It may seem premature to start with those new energies, given that we have yet to create balance in our world. But Mother Earth disagrees and mentions that these are parallel processes. The new energies will speed up the current information's expression, leading our Earth into more balance and harmony.

We created the first course during Zoom meetings with the participants, which is valid for most of the second course. The third and fourth courses were created without a group. Each Multi-portal was added to the course immediately after we found it.


Monthly Zoom Meeting

It is more challenging for most people to go into deeper connections when they are making the connections alone. Working in groups helps. Therefore, we started a monthly Zoom meeting every last Monday of the month at 11:00 am Arizona, US time. We will connect with one of the multi-portals. However, these Zoom meetings are only for those who have signed up for all three courses because we will connect with multi-portals of the four waves randomly. The recordings will be available, and you will receive announcements via the course or a newsletter. The Zoom link will be sent when you subscribe to the first three courses. The fourth course is free for those who have subscribed to the first three courses.


Benefits of wave-portals activations

These are some of the benefits of the portal activations:

  • To fulfill your purpose by activating these new energies, they become part of the Earth system and are available for those guided to work with these energies.

  • To lay the foundation for a new world. While this may seem far away, contributing to laying the foundation is our gift to Mother Earth, supporting her evolution.

  • To connect deeper with your spiritual essence.

  • To expand your consciousness, align your energies to awaken your system as fully as possible.

  • To connect deeper with your family in the star as a basis for collaboration

  • Collaborate with a group with a similar goal to increase and expand your experience. 


An introduction

During our research, my friend Daniel Maddux filmed the analysis of the different energy places we found, whether vortexes, portals, or sacred sites. I made a video of his recording of our research on one of the multi-portals. This video is an excellent introduction to the topic of this online course.

Enrollment options

You can sign up for all three courses as one package. The fee will be $169.90. To sign up, use this link: After signing up, you will receive an email with the link to the other two courses and the Zoom meetings. If preferred, you can pay in 3 monthly installments of $59.90. To do so, use this link:

If you only sign up for the first course, the price is $89.90. The link for that is  If you sign up for the first course and want to do the additional two courses later, they will cost $69.90 each.

Link second course:

Link third course:



On the course discussions and the Facebook page for participants, people expressed their enthusiasm and gratitude in many ways. A few examples (texts unedited):


Hello dear Family, great to do the third round tonight. I enjoyed the first 2 activations. Nice warm new energy for me to hear and feel coming in. I am curious about tonight and love to be with this group.

ADV, The Netherlands


Hi everybody

I'm not a Facebook fan, but I really feel like sharing and connecting to everyone. When we connected to all participants during the meditation, my heart became so warm, and I felt so much Love! Wonderful! I felt Mother Earth and our star family so warm and present. I couldn't feel my tube at all...just lots of energy, light and warm. What a beautiful beginning. I'm looking forward to our journey! So happy we are doing this together:-)

BVE, The Netherlands


holy moly this second activation to day was intensly intense - energy inpouring all the way through the 'babbling' of Jaap

LK, Denmark


I had a beautiful experience during the activation. I saw and felt the donut shaped energy surround me as I connected with our dear Mother. It also came with a "roller coaster" feeling in the stomach, lol! I'm a little dizzy today as I integrate this lovely flow of energy. Thank you Jaap and fellow travelers. ❤



I just had to share my experience with the child activation. As soon as I connected to the site, I was feeling the love from star beings such as Pleiadean, Andromedan, Dragons, Unicorns, etc. When we went into the activation, I went into the Orion Constellation and beyond, somewhere past it into the Universe. It was so expansive. Then I was back at the site, and the energies came through and into the core of Gaia. These energies went out and around the earth in both directions filling the planet with expansive loving energy. As well, a being that felt like a cross of a dragon, a gryphon and a phoenix, came through and worked on clearing a defensive mechanism from my heart. I know I am not remembering it all, but it was all so beautiful. 💖💗💖

AL, Canada


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