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In our vision, the Earth is central and is guided and directed by the Sun as part of the Solar System. The Earth is a crystalline Being like all planets and Suns in the Universe. Therefore, all life lives within crystalline energy fields and depends on crystalline energies. That is also true for us humans. We share much information on the role of crystalline energies in the Crystalline Movement.

The Morphogenetic System

Mother Earth also holds information about her full potential and all that lives on her. This information is called the morphogenetic system.

The morphogenetic system has twelve fields. Each field creates the conditions that allow the following field to manifest.  Every species is needed and has a role to fulfill in the system of Mother Earth, and so do we. Our part is to be a co-creator with Mother Earth, supporting her evolutionary journey.

The 12 morphogenetic fields

Metaphysical Ecology

Metaphysical Ecology helps us understand the Earth, her energies (measurable and subtle), those that are part of her (visible and invisible), and her role within the solar system and beyond. We can only fulfill our role as co-creators optimally by understanding the Earth's system.

The Center for Metaphysical Ecology studies the following programs as they are fundamental elements in understanding metaphysical ecology.

The human energy system

To understand our role and how to fulfill it optimally, we need to understand our system and consciousness and awaken our full potential (the human system).

We research and share information about the energy systems of Mother Earth because we live in them, and they affect us. As part of that, we study Earth energies, crystalline energies, and the morphogenetic system of Mother Earth and all beings, visible and invisible, that live in her system. Understanding the energies we live in and the beings we share this planet with will lead to collaborations needed to support the evolution of Mother Earth.

To understand invisible beings, we need to use morphogenetic systems. The image at the right shows the location of a vortex of the grid of the morphogenetic system of one of the Unicorn species. We believe that every being is an essential part of Mother Earth’s system and is needed. Therefore, we must protect all beings and learn to connect, communicate, and collaborate with them (the Earth system).

A vortex of a Unicorn grid
A portal to the consellation Corvus

We research the different star systems' role in the evolution of Mother Earth and us. There are many connections with star systems through portals. These portals’ energies help awaken our spiritual essence, support the spiritual essences of all other beings, and contribute to the diversity of the species on this planet. New energies are entering the Earth and Solar System through waves of new portals (Extra-terrestrial systems).

The Four Aspects of Creation

The three paths show the three systems that interact with each other. All three systems cannot function without the four aspects of creation, which are shown in the image. These four aspects contain the consciousness that sets energy into motion (fire), is received by the morphogenetic system (water), and is manifested (earth), given life by love (air). These aspects apply to every level, which means to all three paths.

All manifestations depend on crystalline energies. Therefore, Mother Earth asked to give priority to the study of crystalline energies, which led to the Crystalline Movement.

The Creation Process.jpg

After decades of working with crystalline energies, we begin to understand why Mother Earth gave that priority. All life depends on crystalline energies, which form the foundation of the manifested world we live in. We will understand consciousness, morphogenetic systems, and love more easily when we are fully present in the manifested world.

The Ultimate Goal

Initially, the Center for Metaphysical Ecology and its earlier organization (see history) focused more on providing services, such as vortex tours and sessions. Increasingly, research and development and sharing of information have become more dominant.  Therefore, we are developing more online courses and workshops and share information through books, articles, and videos. This development will continue, and we will begin to offer programs.

The development of the University for Metaphysical Ecology

These programs will become part of the University of Metaphysical Ecology (UME), which will grow into a teaching and sharing platform. This goal still needs to be realized. However, we see growing interest in the subject and trust that more people will get involved. More people will understand the need for a new vision and will begin to participate. A new Earth will evolve inevitably. We, humans, consciously or subconsciously, determine what the path to it will look like. Let us make it a conscious journey, guided by our hearts, full of joy and gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to the unfolding potential of this beautiful planet.

To help us reach our ultimate goal, we are grateful for any financial support. 


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