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The services we offer are:

- Healing and Counseling

- House and Land Clearing

Although we have shifted increasingly to research and development, we find it essential to offer specific services besides online courses to support people on their journey to connect deeper with themselves and Mother Earth. These services are Healing and Counseling and House and Land Clearing.


Healing and Counseling

We define “healing” as becoming more “whole.” It means that you begin to function as an integrated whole, fully expressing who you are (your authentic self). This journey supports you in being a co-creator, fulfilling that role from your uniqueness instead of a concept. We all need support to complete this journey as optimally as possible. Healing and counseling sessions support your journey.

Energy healing

The sessions focus on those aspects that need the most attention at that moment, be it physical, emotional, mental (belief structures), or spiritual. The sessions can be for individuals and couples, families, and even groups that desire to understand and heal certain aspects of their dynamics and interactions. These sessions can be an energy healing session or a counseling session but are almost always a combination.

Sessions can be in person in the session room at our home or through distance healing sessions (phone, Skype, or Zoom). Currently, distance sessions are by far the most common. According to quantum physics, subtle energies are not bound by space and time. That is why remote healing sessions are as efficient as a session in the session room in our house.

Jaap often adds a reading to the session. Through reading, he understands the issues you are dealing with and helps you understand these issues to change your life.

He includes soul retrieval, the transformation of the energy field of relationships or family, and clearing the house whenever the situation asks for it. He specializes in working with entities and transforming energies induced by black magic and spells in people and objects.

Based on his studies of human energies, he has developed his own way of working with the Universal healing field.



The price of a healing session (in person or distance by phone, Skype, or Zoom) is $95.00 (about one hour).

House and Land Clearing

We have forgotten how to connect with Mother Earth. We see that reflected in what we build, how we build, and where we build. We base our choices on availability, practicality (where are the shops and schools for the children), and costs, but not on whether a location is optimal for our health and our family or the success of our business. In the East, especially in China and India, understanding an optimal location has been highly developed. In the West, we begin to recognize the importance of selecting a place for our well-being and success.


Jaap has studied Earth's energies for more than 30 years. These studies have led to a book, Gifts of Mother Earth. Based on these studies, he has gathered insights into the role of location in our well-being at every level. Feng Shui experts in Taiwan have checked his work, and he has passed the tests.

There are two main ways you can use this service. You can let us check the energies in and around your home or business. Secondly, we can analyze your land to define the best location to build or to determine the optimal functions of your land.


Understanding the energies of your home

In general, there are two main reasons why it is essential to know the energetic conditions of your home and its surroundings:

  • You or any other household member (or maybe even your visitors) feel uncomfortable in your home. It becomes essential when people living in the house develop emotional or physical problems. In such a case, it is most likely that the energies are not supportive/healthy and need to be balanced and aligned or transformed.

  • You have committed yourself to your evolution/growth and to expanding your consciousness. In other words, you wish to become more of your true self. You would like to know the energies of your home and its environment and how they can support you.

Land and buildings clearing
House clearing

Why did you choose your home?

We all choose the home we live in for a reason. This reason can be convenient (number of rooms, location, costs) or because it intuitively feels good (it is the "right" place). The reason can also be unconscious; for example, you need this situation to learn from. Understanding the energetic environment you live in helps you to know why you have chosen your home and how their energies contribute to your moods, emotions, and even your thoughts. In other words, it helps you to understand your daily life in the most crucial location: YOUR OWN HOME. Also, it is possible to define the energies that are not supportive of you and change /transform them. That may increase joy in your daily life.

What we offer

We offer an energetic analysis of your home and environment and a "cleansing" or re-balancing of the energies of your home and land. You will also receive advice on improving your environment and making it even more supportive for you.


Please get in touch with us for information and prices. They depend on the distance to travel and on the size of the home and property. A remote analysis is also possible if you provide a map or photos.


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