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The Center of Metaphysical Ecology has shifted over time from a service-oriented organization to a research-and-development organization.  Our primary focus is on doing research as a basis for developing online courses, writing articles and books, and making videos. The materials we develop are all part of the development of a curriculum for the University of Metaphysical Ecology (UME). We know it will take time to develop everything we want to include. However, all that is already available contributes to building a new vision that is essential for the future of Mother Earth and all that lives on her. Our approach is that every step is a step forward, and we trust that those who feel a resonance will contribute to supporting moving forward.

The Creation and Manifestation Process

The Basic Three

To understand the world we live in, there are three primary areas we need to look at. The first one is consciousness. Although consciousness is infinite, it is expressed in what we call consciousness constructs. We live in the consciousness construct of Mother Earth, which lives in the consciousness construct of the Sun (solar system). This is how we, as infinite beings, experience limitations.

Consciousness creates information fields, which we call morphogenetic fields. These fields are connected to the different consciousness structures and allow the existence and evolution of all that lives in that consciousness construct.

Consciousness that works with morphogenetic fields manifests. All manifestation at a physical level uses the material of Mother Earth, which is crystalline, making all beings crystalline, living in crystalline energy fields.

Allowing Unfoldment

Initially, we planned our research. This no longer works. We need to allow our spiritual essence to guide us and research what we are invited to do. This is not always easy, especially when the direction seems illogical. However, in retrospect, it always makes sense.

At this moment, research focuses on the following subjects (we know that this part needs regular adjustment):

Location of a portal

Portals. Connections with other planets or star systems that are connected to Mother Earth and provide new energies for the development of the new Earth

The Morphogenetic system. Only by looking at and feeling into the different morphogenetic systems can we learn about the roles every being, visible or invisible, plays.

a vortex of the morphogenetic grid of a dragon species
A portal of the Pleiades Crystalline Council member

Crystalline energies. Because Mother Earth is crystalline, understanding these energies is understanding the world we live in.

The Sidhe, our invisible family. We study their communities and centers to find ways to communicate and collaborate better with them, realizing that we all form one collective consciousness

Location of a Sidhe center in Organ Pipe National Monument
The Chakra resonance system

Chakras. We see chakras as a universal resonance system that we have built into our system to help us realize that we are one with the universe.


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