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Jaap van Etten

Jaap van Etten's Bio

Jaap was born and educated in The Netherlands.  He received his Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Amsterdam, specializing in ecology and population genetics.  His work history includes being a laboratory technician, a High School Biology teacher, and a research scientist. He spent six years in Africa, where his job also exposed him to many different cultures and ideas and a different look at ecology.  He held the position of being the Director of the Department of Education and Exhibitions at the National Natural History Museum (later called Naturalis) in Leiden, The Netherlands.

In 1990, he shifted his attention to spirituality, energy healing, the study of Earth and crystalline energies (crystals and crystal skulls), and subtle worlds. He studied these subjects intensely. His passion is the integration of science and spirituality.  He mentioned the term "metaphysical ecology" for the first time in 1999 and used it for the first time in his book "Gifts of Mother Earth."

Jaap moved to the United States in 1998 and is married to Jeanne Michaels. They founded Lemurantis in 2004, which has as its goal to support moving from Duality to Oneness. He has studied the energies in the Sedona area for more than 25 years. He includes the results of his studies in his books, lectures, articles, workshops, and online courses.


Increasingly, the subject of metaphysical ecology has become more critical. This resulted in the creation of the Universal Center for Metaphysical Ecology, together with his wife, Jeanne Michaels, and Gary Palisch. Recently, he integrated, together with Jeanne, all organizations and websites under the Center for Metaphysical Ecology, LLC.


Jaap is an International speaker and workshop facilitator, has been a Master of Ceremony at large metaphysical conferences, is the author of five books, and has written numerous articles on metaphysical ecology subjects for magazines in the US and The Netherlands. Together with Jeanne and alone, he has facilitated workshops worldwide. His work has shifted increasingly to the development of online courses as a basis for creating the University for Metaphysical Ecology.

Jeanne Michaels

Jeanne Michael's Bio

Jeanne's Master's Degree is in Western and Buddhist Psychology, which she received in 1977 from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.  That reflects her interest in the alternative and spiritual aspects of life from a young age.


Shortly after that, she began her ongoing education by learning many various energetic healing modalities and integrating them with her understanding of human nature.  She has had a healing practice for more than 25 years.


She married Jaap van Etten in 1998.  Together, they founded Lemurantis, which has as its goal to support moving from Duality to Oneness.  Together, they have given workshops internationally, and she has assisted him in researching earth energies in many countries.  Together, they have also explored working with many types of subtle energies and beings.     

Together and separately, they have researched, worked with, and trained on working with crystal skulls, using them as tools to expand consciousness, healing, and transformation.  She has assisted him in doing some of the exploration and research for some of his books.  See Jaap's bio.

Her passion is working with energy in many forms for the healing, transformation, and upliftment of the consciousness of people, Gaia, and the Universal Living System.  That includes earth energies, crystals, water, healing modalities, the energy of words, and other vibrational systems.


She loves working with water, particularly the quality of water that holds energy and can be used for healing and transformation.  She is also passionate about using consciousness to transform and transmute polluted water.


One of her top gifts is her sensitivity to subtle energies.  One aspect of this quality is to feel energetic disharmony and harmony within an individual, on the land, within a house, or a group of people.  She used this quality extensively during her six years while working at a Spiritual Retreat Center.


Since leaving the Retreat Center in 2008, her primary focus has been Lemurantis and, more recently, the Center for Metaphysical Ecology, where she continues to develop and share her qualities both with Jaap and as an individual.


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