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Banner Whales and the Morphogenetic Field


By Jaap van Etten

Breaching Humpback Whale

We are delighted to have this connection. With an increase in understanding grids of whales and the connection with portals to the star system of Ophiuchus, the possibility to share and let you experience more of whale energies has increased. Whales and Ophiuchus are directly connected because whales have souls that originated in Ophiuchus. This connection can begin a deeper relationship with us that could be extended over time, if you so desire. Although I am a collective consciousness from a specific part of Ophiuchus, you can personalize the voice of this collective to make an easier connection. You have translated the vibrational sound of that voice as LahiRa, and I'm OK with that.

As a voice of the consciousness of Ophiuchus, my purpose is to help you to understand the functions of the whales within the Gaia construct, including understanding the relationship between whales and humans. There is a much deeper connection between humans and whales than people realize, and we do not refer to the joy of going on a whale-watch trip. In an earlier communication, the Founders shared that whales were invited to be the guardians of the morphogenetic system of Gaia to help people remember that this is their responsibility (1). We are supposed to have this responsibility only temporarily.
The term “morphogenetic field” describes the field within which every being in the Gaia system functions. This field holds the full potential of the Gaia system, meaning that it is the field within which you are functioning for as long as you live in Gaia. Those working with this field support the evolution of Gaia. As humanity awakens, we are now ready to help those who feel a conscious or subconscious calling to take over the function of being the guardians of the morphogenetic system; that is, grids and field. The field is the full potential of the Gaia system, while the grids are that part of the field that is actively used. Vortexes connect the grids with the field (2). Initially, most people will work with the grids to prepare themselves for working with the field.
People who feel a strong connection with whales might not realize that they are being called to become the guardians of the morphogenetic system. By deepening their connection with whales, humans receive guidance that brings them into fulfilling that role.
Being a guardian of the morphogenetic system will be different for humans than it is for whales. The whales’ role has mostly been as guardians, and they worked with the system in a limited way. The task for humans is not only to be a guardian but also to learn to work with the morphogenetic system – with both the grids and the field. Some people will learn how to work with this system and teach others how to do so.
Humanity is going through a transition phase. Over millions of years, your consciousness decreased through twelve steps, but the deep dive down in consciousness is now over. You might expect to go up through the same twelve layers; however, that is not the case. The turning point is to connect with the physical reality in such a way that you can help the whole physical system of Gaia increase in vibration. You cannot do that alone. You need to do that with all beings living on this planet. The potential of this planet is found in the morphogenetic field. However, that field does not determine how the new world will look. That task is up to humanity. You will make choices that will give direction to the development of the new world within the construct of the morphogenetic field. While it may seem that this field is limited, the possibilities within this field are infinite.
Being Here is Your Choice
Every human being on planet Earth has chosen to be part of this transition phase, but most humans are not aware of that. You contribute to the New World, independent of what you do, and your contribution will either speed up the new development or slow it down. People who do the opposite of what they are supposed to do, slowing down the development, are nonetheless, part of this transition.
The challenge that humans feel at this moment is that humanity lost a lot of insights, abilities, and possibilities, causing many human beings to feel very limited and believe that they cannot make the changes they would like. Some people even give up; however, you all had the courage to incarnate into the lowest levels of human consciousness. Be proud that you dared to be part of this phase with all its limitations. Change your attitude by saying, for example, “Wow, we reached this point and now it forms the foundation for the next step.”
Connecting in a World with Limitations
Making a connection with whales and the morphogenetic field is not the only important aspect of this transition. Your connection with yourself is the most challenging aspect of human life. When you connect with yourself, connecting with others becomes easy. You’ll see what needs to transform to improve your ability to connect deeply. This is the best way to prepare yourself to connect with whales. The same applies to working with the Sidhe and with all those whom you are guided to work with to support each other in this beautiful but challenging transition phase.
You have incarnated in physical bodies for millions of years. These bodies have become denser over time and thus more challenging to incarnate. We see how difficult it is to be in a physical human body even though these bodies have all the qualities you need to move into the new world. Beings from many realms have a lot of compassion, and they support you who have chosen to be in a human form under the current circumstances.
The souls who have chosen to work through the physical whale form, originating from Ophiuchus, are very aware of the challenges you have. That is the reason that whales hold no negative feelings towards humanity, even though you almost eradicated several species of the whale group. That is not how whale consciousness works. But after all that we have experienced, we are very glad that humans are now willing and ready to reconnect with the whales. Many of you enjoy the connection with whales because of their size and their gentleness. However, most of those that connect do not realize that the importance of whales is that they are the guardians of the morphogenetic field.
Intentions and Possibilities
The morphogenetic field is not a dictating field. Human beings tend to see limitations everywhere. As soon as you think about this field as being limited, you will be limited. You have no idea what the potential possibilities of this field are, at least not from your current perspective. Now you might experience this system as a prison. Realize, however, that this prison is your illusion of limitation, the mental constructs that you have built both individually and as a collective. If you really could feel for a moment the expensiveness of the morphogenetic field, you would let go of all ideas of prisons and limitations.
Every intention you make is a choice you make out of infinite possibilities based on what resonates with you most. Experiences based on this choice help you to understand more of yourself. The results of your choice - your experiences - guide you in making the next choice; this is a free-flowing, organically developing process. However, when you get caught in mental belief structures, you limit the free flow and experience limitation. This is especially so when your intent, based on the belief structure, does not result in the desired outcome. When there seems to be a limit, and everyone believes to be true, we invite you to let go of that limiting belief. That is how you keep expanding and exploring your reality without limitations.
The Excitement to Be Part of Gaia
You might see your agreement to function and create within the consciousness of Gaia as a limitation. However, the ability to work within a field with infinite possibilities is unique in this universe. That is why you were so excited to join humanity and come back again and again to resolve the pain and frustration of each lifetime. As soon as you are free from the limiting physical form, you see that this is what you want. Without forgetting who you are, you would not be able to connect deeply with the low vibrations of physical reality.
In current times, you have begun to remember. You still need to stay connected to your physical body to contribute to the ascension process, but you allow your soul to enter and participate in your choices. Once the soul feeds information to the physical system, you see from a completely different perspective. The doors are opening, and you glimpse why you came to this planet and from where you came.  You will no longer think that you have made a mistake; you will understand.

A vortex of of the Humpback Whale morphogenetic grid

Image 1 The vortexes of the different grids of the Humpback Whales are mostly found in washes. This is a  vortex in a wash near Sedona AZ.

Connecting Deeply with the Whales
We support your journey. You are increasingly willing to open yourself to that with which you resonate. Your collaboration with the whales will expand this willingness and allow an increasing ability to glimpse the morphogenetic system. If you choose to expand these glimpses into a deeper connection, start with the key holders of the morphogenetic system, the Humpback whales, who are supported by all the other whale species.
Start with the lowest vibration of the whales’ consciousness grids (Image 1), because that is where you resonate optimally. From there, you can expand to higher levels of whale consciousness. You will feel that their vibration, even on the lower levels, is different from yours. It doesn't have the same limitation that you experience at the different levels of your consciousness.
Every level of the Humpback Whale consciousness is an entrance into the whole scale of their frequencies. Connecting with whale consciousness will stimulate you to raise your vibration, realizing that your separation in levels of consciousness is in an illusion.
The Humpback Whales are the guardians of the whale consciousness, but they need all the other species to prevent them from moving to a higher state of consciousness in which they lose their physical connection. There is, however, a wide range of vibrations in humpback whale consciousness, the lower levels of which overlap with those of other species. Therefore, all whale forms are needed the same way that you need all the different consciousness frequencies to go to the highest level. You can connect with all species of whales to ground yourself in the potential to be co-creators and caretakers of the morphogenetic system. Working with humpback whales is a shortcut supported by the whole whale consciousness field.
You cannot skip the lower levels of consciousness; they are an essential part of who you are. The same is true for whales. For Humpback Whale to fulfill their purpose, they need all levels of whale consciousness. Choosing the Humpback Whales as the guiding force in the whale consciousness system opens you to working with the morphogenetic field. Through making a deeper connection with this field, you embark on a journey that gives us the possibility to share with you. We are excited, and we hope you are as well.
Humpback Whales have been waiting for this connection with you. We are guardians and supporters of the whales, but we also are guiding those human beings who are open for connection with the whales and with the morphogenetic system. The purpose of nudging you into this connection is to help you to see a clear starting point for working with the morphogenetic system. We invite all humans who are willing to listen, and it is exciting for the whales to be in a time in which this is possible.
Most people will stay stuck in the excitement of seeing a whale. They do not understand that the whales are continuously transmitting energy, information, and consciousness waves, in the hope that people pick them up. As you read this, you may be able to pick up some of it. We are very grateful for anybody who is open to explore with us the possibilities of human beings becoming co-creators and contributors to this new world. We share this with deep gratitude because we feel that we have opened a door of possibilities. We love you unconditionally. You hear many different Beings telling you this, and it is true.

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