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An Astral Being

By Jaap van Etten

We can recognize three categories of people when we look at their relationship with Astral Beings. One type is fascinated by astral worlds and beings and trains in astral traveling. A second group is terrified of them and has nightmares. The third group is the majority: they are hardly or not aware of them. However, that does not mean that they do not have interactions with them.

​Instead, they are not aware of their connections or interpret their encounters during their sleep as unpleasant dreams.
In my work with people, I noticed that there are far more encounters with astral beings and energies than I thought. Almost all of these encounters had fear as the underlying energy. It seemed logical that the best way to get rid of these fears is to get rid of the astral beings. That might work in some cases, but in most cases, it does not. The astral worlds in which these astral beings live are an integrated part of the Earth system. I realized that to deal with this challenge, we need to learn to understand more of the beings and the worlds in which they live. When I need to know something about beings, I ask Mother Earth and work with the morphogenetic grids (1). These grids hold the information of a system, be it a world, a group of beings, or a species. It is the best source for everything existing on Earth. That led to some fascinating insight that I like to share in this article.
The Astral Worlds
When I heard about the astral world for the first time, I assumed that it was one world populated by astral beings, but I was wrong about that. Searching for the grids of the astral world, I soon learned that there was far more diversity. There was not one world, but six. In addition, each world had a certain number of sub-worlds that I called realms. Image 1 summarizes the six worlds and their realms, showing six worlds and 32 realms. That means that we found 38 morphogenetic grids connected to the astral system. 

Overview Astral worlds and realms

Image 1

Not knowing how to name these worlds, I gave them numbers, the first world having the lowest frequencies and the sixth world the highest. Each of these worlds is populated by astral beings. Although people describe some astral beings and giving some of them a name, we do not know much about these worlds and their occupants.

Our energy bodies and related chakras

Image 2

While it might be interesting to know this, what is the relevance for us? To understand that, we have to look at our energy system. We have an etheric and an astral body (see image 2). Both belong to our physical system, meaning that they disappear after death. Many traditions do not separate the etheric and the astral, calling the whole complex astral. That is understandable because these two bodies hold the energies of the mind, also called the lower mind, connected to our physical system. This mind reflects the experiences we had in our lives. The etheric body holds mostly the emotional aspects of the mind, while the astral body holds the beliefs and thoughts.

How astral worlds and beings intersct with us

Image 3

Our etheric and astral bodies have a relationship with the astral worlds. In Image 3, we show this correspondence. The etheric body resonates with the lowest three worlds, while the astral body resonates with the highest three.  This image also indicates that the beings in the astral worlds react to emotional energies and certain beliefs. To understand this, let us look at the astral beings that live in these worlds.
The Astral Beings
Most of the astral influences people experience are not so much from the energies of the different worlds but from those living in these worlds. These astral beings are responsible for sounds, moving objects, objects disappearing, and touching people, even inappropriately. It is no surprise that these phenomena induce fear. Because many of these interactions happen during the night, it can lead to sleep deprivation, nightmares, stress, and even severe psychological problems. Because we cannot see astral beings, in many cases, the victims are told that they imagine it, making the situation even worse.
But even when people believe the victims, it does not change the problems. Astral beings have the right to exist, in the same way as every being has the right to exist, no more or less than we. But, unfortunately, the astral worlds and our world are intertwined, so there is nowhere else to go. Sometimes, astral beings move to another location, which can resolve the problem, but often they won’t.
In my work, I encountered many problems caused by astral beings. Initially, I thought these beings were negative, and we need to make them go away. But, over time, I learned that with sporadic exceptions, no beings are inherently evil. So what is going on?
I find communication, especially with those from the lower three astral worlds, difficult. Their way of experiencing reality is very different from ours. Their “language” is therefore also very foreign. They work primarily with symbolic messages. I wanted to know why they were giving messages and what these messages meant. Looking at the problems people had with astral beings helped me in my understanding.
When we have problems or stress in our lives, it affects our etheric and astral bodies immediately. These bodies will send out a vibration. This vibration affects the astral worlds. If this effect is relatively mild, most likely, it will not induce a reaction from the astral beings. But if the disturbance in their world is stronger, they will react. We may find their responses disturbing, but it is because we do not understand what is happening. They do not want to harm us; they want us to stop hurting or disturbing them.
The foundation of all the problems we have with astral beings is our minds, emotions and belief structures, and the connected energies. In our current times, with all the emotions around the pandemic, we disturb the energies in the astral worlds even more, resulting in more reactions from the astral beings. We seem to be caught from both sides in a perpetual movement, and neither side appears to break through the created patterns.
Our interactions with astral beings and worlds
I learned that we all interact with beings of at least several astral worlds, whether we are aware of it or not. Although we are continuously interacting with astral worlds and beings, we are not or hardly aware of it. I also learned that astral beings always stay in their specific world but can be active in several realms of that world. Because they remain in a particular world, we can define to a certain degree what their role is. That is also defining the way they interact with us, as indicated in image 3. The beings in the lower three worlds react strongly to emotional energies, in particular fears. In contrast, the ones in the higher three world respond more strongly to certain beliefs, pretense, and particularly with any aspect of ego.
There is a relationship between the way our physical chakras work and the reactions and interactions with the astral worlds. Fear in the 1st (root) chakra (feeling unsafe in this world) is linked to the Astral worlds 1 and 2. Fear in the 2nd (sacral) chakra (not knowing how to relate) is linked to the Astral Worlds 2 and 3. Fear in the 3rd chakra (solar plexus) (fear of failing, doing things wrong) is linked to the Astral worlds 3 and 4.
Ego, connected to chakras 3 and 5 (doing it to feel important, feeling powerful), is linked to the Astral worlds 4 and 5. Believing from your ego that you are an evolved spiritual being, connected to chakras 5 and 6, is linked to the Astral worlds 5 and 6.
To understand what degree people connect with the different astral worlds, I estimated the connections as they exist in the world population, expressed as a percentage of the population that relates to that astral world. I also looked at 50 people I knew and looked at the percentage related to the six astral worlds. 

How people relate to astral worlds and realms

Image 4

I summarized the results in image 4. On a world level, most people live in a state of fear and are strongly affected by astral beings, especially of the 2nd and 3rd worlds. These are the ones that cause sounds and poltergeist phenomena. However, we also see that the number of people who interact with astral beings from the higher worlds is relatively low.
In the 50 people, the percentages of connection with the lower astral worlds are slightly less, but these still are the dominant worlds that affect them. The rate of people with interactions with the higher two astral worlds is higher than in the world population. More people come from an ego in this group, believing that they are more spiritual than most other people. They may have slightly fewer fears, but they live in an illusion of being “more developed.”
Based on these numbers, we may become more humble and realize that we still have a long way to go.
Steps towards resolutions
Even though we lack awareness, we can safely assume that we all interact with astral worlds and beings. Base on the presented data, it becomes clear that working on our fears is of prime importance. The challenge people face is that they are so used to their fears that they believe that they do not affect their functioning. Without a shadow of a doubt, I dare to say that this is our biggest illusion.
Because Mother Earth clearly states that fear is the most significant destructive force in humanity, resulting in the destruction of our environment affecting every living being, she considers working on our fears as a priority. Therefore, she asked to develop a course that is available as “Live Without Fear.” Recently, I added an extra lesson to help to deal with fears induced by astral beings. For more information, go to Live Without Fear

  1. Jaap van Etten, Gifts of Mother Earth, Earth Energies, vortexes, lines, and grids. Flagstaff, AZ: Light Technology Publishing, 2011, 175-190. 

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