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Collaboration with all beings

​By Jaap van Etten

We are all incarnated in this world for the same reason: to express our uniqueness. It may take our whole lives to figure out what that means, and some never do, even though it is relatively straightforward. It is to express our unique vibration. We all have a unique vibration, and the Earth needs our vibration in this time of transition. Whether we are aware of it or not, we express aspects of our unique vibration all the time.

But the essence of our life is to express it as optimally as possible and direct it in the direction that our hearts guide us.
Expressing our unique vibration is part of the role that humanity as a whole fulfills on Earth. We can summarize this role as being co-creators. We have forgotten what this means but begin to remember it again. During my research, I discovered certain aspects that may help us find increasing clarity about humanity’s general role and the specific role each person fulfills. And, even more importantly, how we can achieve our roles as optimally as possible.

The current situation
Being co-creators means that we help Gaia to express her potential optimally. To do that, we need to understand her system. We may think that we know Gaia’s system, but it does not take much to realize that we either don’t or do not share. Looking at the world’s condition and the many opinions about how to resolve the current ecological crises shows that we still have a long way to go as a collective. But science also has a long way to go, as it tends to look at what we can observe and, to a large degree, still ignores the subtle aspects of the world in which we live.
This world, the beautiful planet on which we live, is developed to support all life. If life were not supposed to exist, it would not be there. That is not easy to understand. We tend to deny the existence of all that is in our way to get what we believe we need. But from a metaphysical ecological perspective, every being, visible or invisible, has not only the right to exist, but they are necessary for the fulfillment of Gaia’s purpose.

Everything that exists has a purpose
It is not easy for us to understand that everything has a purpose. We cannot see the whole and all the relationships in the whole. Consequently, we often have no clue what the purpose of the many beings is. We even do not understand our role on Earth, at least not sufficiently.
The first time I got a glimpse of a species’ purpose was during my research in Kenya. My research focused on studying a tsetse fly species (image 1) to find why certain populations could not be eradicated while others could.

A Tsetse Fly

 Image 1 The tsetse species Glossina pallidipes, the species I studied in Kenya

The tsetse fly, so was the argument, prevented local people from holding cattle in certain areas because it transmits trypanosomiasis, sleeping sickness, or nagana in the case of cattle. If they could keep more cattle, local people would have more protein available. It sounded to me like a beautiful way to support local people. However, the longer I studied the situation, the more I realized there was something wrong. I am not talking about the fact that the cattle’s meat did not go to the local people but was sent abroad, filling certain pockets. No, it was the discovery that when the fly disappeared from an area, cattle and goats came in, and within one year, the area changed into a dustbowl.
Local animals are not susceptible to sleeping sickness, only introduced species are, and they are a disaster for the environment. Without going into more details, I began to see the tsetse fly as a protector of the environment, telling people that not all areas of this world are theirs. This experience was, for me, a game-changer that forced me to look differently at eco-systems and the role of species in them. Needless to say that there was no support for this point of view. There still is none.
If we want to understand the role of species better, we need to look at the information system that is the key to understanding this role. That system is the morphogenetic system of Gaia.

Gaia’s purpose
​The potential of Gaia (Mother Earth and all that lives on her) is within a field that we call the morphogenetic field. Only a part of that potential is realized. Therefore, what we see around us is still a limited expression of what Mother Earth and all that lives on her can be.
The morphogenetic system of Gaia has 12 fields (image 2).

Overview Morphogenetic System

During her evolution, all these subfields got a certain level of expression. Based on Mother Earth’s development, we can understand all these groups’ roles within her system. We do not understand these groups enough to know their roles exactly, but they show us enough to get the first impressions.
In Image 2, I separated the 12 morphogenetic fields into three groups. In this article, I look only at some primary aspects. We can describe the first six fields as representing six ways to understand how to function in physical reality. They also have an expression in form. I summarized the groups that are part of these fields in the image, and they range from viruses to trees.
The following three fields represent ways of how to function in the etheric and astral worlds. Also, the beings that express that into this world are mentioned.
Finally, the last three fields hold information that helps understand how to function in this world from a spiritual perspective. I mentioned some of the main groups and energies that do that.
The highest frequencies are crystalline energies. That may surprise many. However, if you learn to connect and experience crystalline energies, it becomes increasingly clear that Mother Earth’s crystalline energies are the key to functioning on this planet. We work with these energies in the Crystalline Movement (1).
The field with the second-highest frequencies is the field of the co-creators. We are the co-creators.

Our purpose
What does it mean to be co-creators? We decided to incarnate into this physical world of Mother Earth to fulfill the role of co-creator. Our problem is that we have forgotten what this means. Our society is not preparing us for this role. No education system teaches us how to do this. We must sort that out ourselves and support each other in the process.
This first important aspect is the acceptance that every human being is unique. This uniqueness is essential in the fulfillment of our collective role as co-creator. One individual can’t grasp the fullness of the Earth’s potential. Only by combining our unique qualities and abilities can we succeed as a species in fulfilling our agreement with Gaia: contributing to her system’s evolution and all that lives on her.
We need to improve our skills as co-creators. That means that we have the responsibility to develop our abilities to express our uniqueness in this world. Secondly, we are here to bring information into the Earth system to stimulate the expression of the potential this planetary system has. To do so, we need to learn to connect with those energies we feel a resonance with. Some people feel more resonance with plants, or trees, while others feel more resonance with animals. Some people feel attracted to working with subtle beings, such as devas, dragons, or unicorns. Through connecting with these different beings, visible or invisible, we will bring energy and information into the system, awakening the Gaia system’s potential.
There is no doubt that this is a lengthy process. But we need to start this process now and continue to build on what is already available.

How to fulfill our purpose
It is easy to describe what our role is. But it is less easy to fulfill it more optimally. We are already co-creators. But most of what we create happens unconsciously. Also, we have many problems such as fears, strong beliefs, and very little understanding of the Earth and all that lives on it. Most of what we understand about this planet, we learned in school and through books and media. The problem is that this knowledge is based on a limited understanding and comes from an anthropocentric approach. We believe that we are the center and focus of all that happens on this planet. Our behavior shows that we think that we can take all that we think we need without considering the consequences. Often, we are not even aware of these consequences.
At this moment, slowly, the awareness begins to creep in that we created a planet that no longer provides what we need. We have depleted the soil, and consequently, we get less than 85% of the minerals we need. All our food is depleted, even what we call biologically grown food, and we are becoming weaker as a species.
We can still turn the situation around. The first step we need to make is accepting that not we but planet Earth needs to be the center. We depend entirely on her, both from a physical and an energetic perspective. This acceptance is a significant step because it will change our priorities and ways of thinking.
As mentioned, we need to bring balance to our system to be able to fulfill our purpose. The most crucial step is to work on the release and transformation of our fears and worries. According to Mother Earth, this is the most significant gift we can give her. The fear in our collective is immense and affects all energy systems and every living being. Working on fear in all its aspects should be a priority, but people are afraid to work on their fears and even deny them. Mother Earth guided me to develop an online course to support those who dare to start working with their fears so they can be released and transformed (2).
Also, we need to learn to look at the Earth differently. The Earth is not only a physical system. She also has many subtle worlds, energies, and beings. Understanding the energies of Mother Earth and how we can use these energies is essential. Many of the energy systems of Mother Earth are described in Gifts of Mother Earth (3). Once you open yourself to the subtle energies, subtle beings will begin to connect. They want to work with us and are waiting until we are ready, such as the Dragons (4).
The Earth and her development are not only essential for us and all beings who live on Earth. It is also important for beings in the many star systems that connect with our planet through portals. There are many existing portals with which people have worked through eons of time. Many sacred sites have, besides one or more vortexes, also one or more portals.
Recently, many new portals opened. It is our purpose as co-creators to connect with these new energies and bring them into this world. It will also awaken and stimulate our spiritual essence to contribute even more to this planet’s evolution. We are developing a whole program to awaken these new portals’ energies and connect with our family in the stars (5).

We need to support each other
​I already mentioned that we need to learn to collaborate, work with and support each other. That does not restrict to human beings. We mentioned the many subtle beings. But equally important are all other visible living beings on this planet. Similarly, as each human is unique, so is each plant, tree, and animal unique. We need to learn to collaborate with ALL beings. Then we support each other and the planet in the awakening of the full potential. We need all our family,  visible and invisible beings on this planet, and all our family in the stars. Then we can begin to fulfill our purpose as co-creators.


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