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"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence"

- Nikola Tesla


We need science to understand ourselves and the world we live in. But we cannot understand this world and ourselves if we are not including an essential part of our reality: subtle energies, subtle worlds, and subtle beings. This is essential to create a new vision.

The Earth is Central

We tend to look at the world from an anthropocentric perspective, which means we place humans in the center of our vision and understanding of the Earth system. We see the disastrous results of this approach all around us. We see structures on all levels beginning to crumble. As some people define it, we live in a “meta-crisis.” A meta-crisis is a more extended period in which everything changes slowly. Many historical examples include the collapse of the Ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Romans. A similar phenomenon is happening now.

We need a new vision to prevent this meta-crisis from leading to destruction. This vision needs to go beyond what is suitable for people only. We need a new vision supporting Mother Earth and all that lives on her, including humans. The old vision is outdated, destructive, and can no longer support all life on Earth, leading to the meta-crisis. In this new vision, we need to place the Earth and the role of the Sun central.

Earth is our home that needs to be the center of every vision.
The Sun is the source of all information on Earth and our life support.

We Need a New Vision

Metaphysical ecology studies our world and all that lives in it, both from a visible, measurable perspective and a subtle energy perspective.

Visible and invisible beings are all part of our world.

It is essential to understand metaphysical ecology in such a way that we can formulate a vision that includes the whole Earth with her visible and invisible aspects and her position in the solar system and beyond. This understanding may take a long time. We cannot wait till this journey is complete. Working with the knowledge we already have, will support the change of our perspective and start to build a new vision. Growing into a new vision must be an organic process.

The Center for Metaphysical Ecology makes contributing to the development of such a new vision its primary goal through research and sharing information. For a brief introduction into metaphysical ecology, watch the following video.

The Search for a New Vision
The next video discusses aspects of metaphysical ecology that contribute to formulating a new vision. This video presents aspects that can help and contribute to developing this new vision, leading to a New Earth. After an introduction, information is presented, followed by a guided meditation to help you process the information deeper.

Because the work at the Center is dynamic, we keep you informed through the “What is New” page and a newsletter. For the "What is New" page, click here. You can sign up for the newsletter through the pop-up form that appears when you visit our site.

Understanding some backgrounds

I did an interview for the YouTube channel of my Publisher, Light Technology Publishing. This interview was well-prepared and allowed me to share many background aspects of myself and Metaphysical Ecology, making it worthwhile to listen to for anyone who is interested in the subject. It was a joy to do this interview and I hope you will enjoy listening to it.

The Center for Metaphysical Ecology focuses on research and sharing the results through free content such as videos, articles, and interviews and through paid content such as online courses, workshops, and books. To continue our research and provide free content, we need support. Some people support us through activities, and we also need financial help. If you feel from your heart that you want to support us financially, please use the donation button. 


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